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Why Husker SewVac?

Husker SewVac has been a family owned and operated company here in Lincoln Nebraska since 1973.

We take the extra time to go the extra mile for you. We have a wide selection of sewing machines and sergers here in the store. If you do not know exactly what you are looking for. Then stop by and try the sewing machine. We do this to make sure that no matter what you are looking for in a sewing machine it is the best possible fit for you.

Are you tired of your vacuums always breaking? Or what about only lasting a couple of years? We have the perfect solution for you. We primarily carry Riccar and Dyson as our two main brands. The reason for this, is dependability. Though the years we have seen it all when it comes to vacuums. This is why we carry two of the top brands in the industry today.

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