2014 is half over!


MA4000 w_ FiltersCan you believe it, we are already over half way done with 2014! This is the perfect time to make sure that you do a little maintenance on your vacuum to keep it running smoothly. You should replace your belt, if your unit has one every 6-9 months. Even if you only vacuum once a week it is at a constant stretch and will hinder your vacuums cleaning ability if too stretched out. Check your filters. Some can be cleaned and washed, others need to be replaced. This time frame can vary depending on dust, pets, and allergies in your home. We recommend at least once a year. Think of all the dirt your vacuum deals with and if your filters aren’t clean it is all going right back into your home. This year was really bad for allergies, so get all the dust and pollen out of your old filters and start fresh. If you do suffer from allergies we have a great solution to help. Sun Heats Mountainire air purifier. This small unit has 6 stage filtration, a 5 speed fan, and active carbon deodorizer. It can purifier up to 2,000 sq feet and has a remote control. It really helps take all the germs, dust, and smell out of your home.


The next two months are going to be busy at Husker Sew Vac. Brother’s annual convention is the first week of August in Nashville. Lots of new fun items will be introduced. Of course they don’t tell us until then, and we will be sure to share with all of you! After that will be abrother 2800D stop in Kansas City for a Janome meeting and classes on a few new products. Viking’s annual convention is the second week of September in Milwaukee. Along with introducing new machines and accessories we get to partake in some fun and exciting classes. I had such a hard time choosing and we are really looking forward to making some new samples and learning some new techniques. We will be well traveled, but we will be bringing back some new fun ideas to share with all of you. Be sure to LIKE us on Face book as we will be sharing pictures along the way.