The All New Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums aren’t always looked very highly at.  We all remember how heavy, hard to move, and loud they were.  We keep the vision of the older canisters in our head and it turns us away from them.  Not anymore.  After 3 years of design effort and over a year of consumer testing Riccar now has launched the Prima Canister.  These canisters are not only stylish, they are compact and lightweight at less than 12 lbs.  Plus no more turning up the tv while vacuuming, the Prima is ultra quiet.  How the vacuum maneuvers as it’s being used also is a big consumer question.  At Riccar’s Vacuum Museum they evaluated every canister vacuum wheel placement ever made.  Everything was on the table.  They also hired an ergonomic product design company to build different “test mules” these were all tested.  The conclusion was the configuration that gave consumers the most intuitive control and best maneuverability is to have two fixed rear wheels and one front castor.  They didn’t stop there, they decided to design something special for the rear wheels.  To ensure they won’t mar surfaces or squeak.  Large rollerblade-style rear wheels on polycarbonate hubs use true ball bearing.  As a result these are the highest quality wheels ever used on a vacuum.

They decided the new Prima canister should end the cord reel problems and develop a cord reel that didn’t contain wearable parts.  This is where the old Electrolux canister cord reel enters into the design.  This cord reel design uses a ratcheting mechanism, similar to window blinds, where stopping the cord causes it to lock and giving it a slight pull causes it to retract.  The new hose is larger at 1 3/8″ diameter.  This provides two benefits, maximized cleaning benefits and minimized clogging.  In addition the new hose is 6 1/2′ long.  Between the extra-long hose, telescopic wand and generous cord length, the cleaning radius of the new Prima is 33 feet!!

Stop in today and let us show you all the new exciting benefits of the new Riccar Prima Canisters.  They will completely change your mind on canister vacuums.

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