Space Heaters

Are you looking for a infrared heater?

Did you know that adding a SUNHEAT heater to your home can actually help save you money in the long run? While a space heater is not meant to heat a whole house. The Original SUNHEAT can help keep the house warmer. By placing a quality heater in the right areas to get the best air flow. It can keep your room just warm enough to keep the furnace  from constantly turning on and off. If you use a SUNHEAT heater properly neither the SUNHEAT heater or the house furnace will constantly be running all winter long. This in return can lower your heating cost in the winter while still having a warm home.

So you may find yourself looking for a more efficient way to heat your house. Well we have a great solution for you.

The Original SUNHEAT is available with thermostat . The SH1500 cabinet is made in the USA. The aviation grade wiring and components exceed UL requirements. Only the highest quality parts are used. A longer, proprietary, heavy duty power cord, with an appliance grade plug was designed to insure no energy is wasted. The infrared heat  elements with 24 ounce’s of copper, combined with a high velocity fan and a washable filter, produce a heat output  same as  your room temperature plus 110˚F. The lifetime filter was relocated to improve airflow and Safety Touch, a felt like material, was added, to protect little fingers.
All improvements were designed to make the Original SUNHEAT look better, perform better, last longer and be easier to operate. The Original SUNHEAT SH1500 comes with a five year parts and labor warranty. The simple, innovative design is virtually maintenance free.

Save money by using a space heater

Space heaters are made now to fit within the majority decoration styles of your whole-house. This is ideal for if you need to heat a area in your house but, do not want a eye sore of a space heater sitting in the middle of a room.

Most space heaters use convection heating (distributing air in a area) to warm-up a space. That being said, some count on radiant heating. This style of heat is generated by giving out infrared radiation that directly warms up objects and people that are within a certain range of the heating unit. Radiant heaters are a more efficient choice when you will be in a area for only a couple of hours, if you remain within the heater’s “sightline” as they quickly heat the space’s occupants and the occupants’ immediate environment.

One of the best things about a radiant space heater is they do not cause air quality issues. With the reduced risk of fire and the added bonus of air quality. These are frequently the best choice for a space heater.

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