patch quilts in Lincoln NE

Patchwork Quilting – A History Summary

Patchwork Quilting goes back many years. Examples of quilting have been found in tombs of Pharohs dating back to 3400BC. Joseph’s coat of many colors was probably patchwork. Even armour was made by quilting heavy fabrics together. Quilted bed covers were recorded in household inventories from the 17th century. Patchwork quilting has even evolved into […]

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quilting in Lincoln NE

Use Your Embroidery Machine for Personalized, Perfect Quilting

  Quilting in the hoop Quilting in the embroidery hoop, a versatile technique with many applications, requires a few special considerations from design, thread, and stabilizer choices to deciding how to finish off the thread ends. A little extra effort and thought in these areas can increase the success and beauty of machine embroidered quilting. […]

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